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Service Information - My Services - Stop Payment

The My Services Information screen for Stop Payment displays the following information:

· Service Name: "Stop Payment"
· Hours of availability
· Approval settings belonging to the Stop Payment service
· Functions belonging to the Stop Payment service
· Accounts belonging to the Stop Payment service

The Stop Payment Service enables users to stop the payment of an issued cheque or a group of cheques.

Note: From the My Services screen, the approval settings displayed are for your information only.  To make changes to these settings, go to the Group Information screen.

Approval settings belonging to the Stop Payment service:

To give a group the authority to approve other users' Stop Payment, see the Group Information – Service Privilege Details – Stop Payment screen

The Approver option can be set to either:

a) None (No approval required)
b) May be the Same User (–If the creator has approval authority)
c) Must be a Different User (Approver must be different from Creator)
d) Must be in a Different Group (Approval must come from a user in a different group)

Note:  If you need to change your Approval option please contact your Relationship manager.

Functions belonging to the Stop Payment service:

To add or remove access to services with an x or a check next to them please contact your Relationship Manager.

If a function has been assigned to the service, a check mark will be displayed in the Assign column next to the function.

Stop Payment service includes the following functions:

Accounts belonging to the Stop Payment service:

The accounts belonging to the service are listed at the bottom of the Service Information screen.  Click on an account number to see details of an individual account.

To leave the Stop Payment screen, click the Cancel   button.


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